There are a wide variety of and solar, wind, and solar hvac systems and supplies available, and the choices can be overwhelming. Our team of experts will share their extensive knowledge and expertise about tools and materials to help you make the best decisions for your do it yourself projects.


Our products include a comprehensive selection of solar, wind, solar lighting, solar hvac and other relavant materials and tools, including:


  • Standard solar panels in frames ranging from 5 watts to 400 watts
  • Glass structural solar modules 5.5mm to 6mm thick, as strong as a 2 inch piece of plywood. Functional and elegant.  Power and form.
  • Solar modules that are thin film with an adhesive back for your rv or boat. No screws just adhesive along with power.
  • Solar lighting products, for you home, deck, dock, rv etc. Functional and best quslity
  • Solar inverters for your next project, from 300 watts to 15,000 watts.
  • Solar charge controllers for projects that range from a single solar module to a full scale home or business system
  • Solar monitoring systems,from simple analog guages to digital or even over your phone or pc
  • Solar batteries that out perform any standard car or high capacity boat battery. Storage from 200 amps to 2000 amps per battery
  • Solar racking systems. Standard iorn Ridge, Unirac, to high efficiency PV Racking, custom designed glass racking and waterproof racking for glass
  • Extruded high strength aluminum awning structures, carport, and other mounting systems
  • Wind turbines from 400 watts to 100kw.  For small power systems to whole farm or home power.
  • Hybrid solar and wind systems. 
  • Solar thermal and high efficiency,  items like 1 ton mini split that runs on 3 solar panels seer rating of 75

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